Before the first Dermatude Meta Therapy treatment, it is important to have a Dermatude Consulting discussion with your clients.

The Dermatude Intakt allows you to give a very professional explanation about the Dermatude Meta Therapy.
Here we determine the exact skin condition and need, as well as important background information such as lifestyle habits, medical background and much more, with one goal in mind: to achieve the best possible treatment result.
The Dermatude Consulting interview lasts approximately 15 minutes for new clients.
At Dermatude, we recommend that the Dermatude Consulting conversation be repeated on a regular basis with each and every existing client. Duration approx. 10 minutes.
To conduct the Dermatude Consulting interview, Dermatude provides a ready-made Dermatude Intakte form.
This will give you the right and important information about your customer.
The Dermatude Consulting interview also serves to,
make sure that
the expectations of your customers are realistic or that you recognize unrealistic expectations of your customers and
if necessary
correct them.
With Meta Therapy we are able to improve the skin, but it should be noted that the skin improvement does not occur overnight.
It is a step-by-step process and following the entire Meta Therapy skin concept, on the particular skin needs of your clients.