Immediately applicable marketing concept

The Dermatude team aims to create brand awareness through a strong web presence, marketing campaigns online and through print media. At the same time, the Dermatude team has set out not simply to be your product supplier, but your business partner.
We believe in maximum collaboration and share as much knowledge as possible to generate a successful business for you. Dermatude provides an out-of-the-box marketing and social media package for you.

High quality & free

Professional training is very important and fundamental for Dermatude.
Especially, for aspiring meta therapy specialists. With proper training and correct application of the Dermatude Meta Therapy FX 100 medical aesthetic treatment concept together with the Dermatude product portfolio, you will achieve fast and effective skin results, for different skin needs of your clients.
After you have purchased the Dermatude Starter Set, you will be professionally trained in our specialized academy in a 2-day Dermatude Basic Training. This is a prerequisite and a necessary component, for the application and success with the medical-aesthetic treatment concept Meta Therapy FX 100.
In this training you will learn everything about the Meta Therapy FX 100, the comprehensive treatment options and the targeted use of the medically proven Dermatude product. By attending you will receive your certification! For experienced and already certified Dermatude specialists, we offer numerous continuing education seminars throughout the year.

Dermatude Business in a Box

Dermatude Starter Set Fx-100 META JECT
  • Immediately applicable treatment concept & marketing concept
  • incl. 32 Meta Therapy treatments + Homecare products
  • High return on investment
  • High quality & free training
  • Internal sales support
  • Different financing models possible by arrangement!